If you’re not using conda regularly, it’s almost certain you forget how to use it from usage to usage. I’ve compiled a list of commands I use most often.

You can download the PDF or Google doc version (fits on one page!).

Environment Package
Activate/switch Install
conda activate [env_name]
conda activate pytorch_py36
conda install [package_spec ...]
conda install numpy scikit-learn=0.23.1
Create from specific channel
conda create --name [env_name] [package_spec …]
conda create --name math_py36 python=3.6 numpy
conda install -c [channel] [package_spec …]
conda install -c conda-forge numpy
Create from file Update package
conda create --file [path]
conda create --file exported_env.txt
conda update [package_spec …]
conda update numpy scikit-learn=0.23.1
Delete package
conda remove [package_name …]
conda remove numpy scikit-learn
* package_spec - package_name or package_name=package_version